Everything Moves, Nothing Stands Still is a 14.5’ by 29’ mosaic mural depicting Edmonton through the seasons. The artwork is  located in the Edmonton International Airport Arts District Corridor (US departure area), and was installed in December 2011.

Edmonton is the most northern city in Canada and is remarkable for its extremes. Summer and winter temperatures fluctuate by 75°; +35° to -40°. Daylight hours range from 17 hours in the summer to 7.5 hours in the winter. The mural depicts the transitions of these extremes along the path of the North Saskatchewan River. Familiar city landmarks and the vast scale and spectrum of all four seasons are brought to life in the mural’s colours and high relief textures.

Edmonton is known as “Festival City”, and the swath of colour cutting through summer leading up to and through the Legislature grounds, and on into downtown, are a tribute to the gathering of vibrant crowds for these festivals.

In addition to the thousands of mosaic tesserae that make up the mural, there are items hidden throughout as a tribute to those that worked on or helped with the installation of the mosaic. It is a kind of scavenger hunt. There is a Spiderman head, a loonie, a toonie, an old NYC subway token, a Lego piece, a guitar pic, an old watch, photos of participants, and even a baby tooth.